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RU vers -> ENGL vers - plz confirm steps...


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Just downloaded the English Version, now i'd like to know what is best to get this Version up and running..


1. deactivate the Russion version

2. de-install the Russian version

3. install and activate the English version

4. maybe one can copy the pilot log to use it in the English version, too...


or is there a more simple method by just installing the English version over the Russian?




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I kept the Russian version installed (my pilot is miraculously kicking ass in the campaign)...and installed the english version to a very slightly different directory.


No problems having both on your computer (if you have the space)



I think you are very lucky, I am sure if you have both versions on the same hdd that they are Sharing registry keys and there possibly could be conflicts because of differences in the programs! :doh:

Ask Jesus for Forgiveness before you takeoff :pilotfly:!

PC=Win 10 HP 64 bit, Gigabyte Z390, Intel I5-9600k, 32 gig ram, Nvidia 2060 Super 8gig video. TM HOTAS WARTHOG with Saitek Pedals

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