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Axis Assignment


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Hi Guys, sorry for asking such a n00b question:music_whistling:


I'm using a Saitek x52 Pro HOTAS, and everything worked fine except for one thing, the collective is assigned to the slider axis on the throttle quadrant instead of the actual throttle axis:huh:. Now, I went to the control options menu, however I cant figure out how to switch the axis assignments. In Lock On there was a swich at the top of the menu where you could switch between key assignments and axis assignments, but here I cant seem to find any way to manipulate the different axis on my HOTAS. In the manual it simply says that when you have assigned an input axis to an action, you can then press axis tune to adjust how the axis responds, but how do I acctually assign the axis to an action?


Am I simply missing something obvious?:helpsmilie:

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