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"A Bold Plan" V1 MP Co-op 4


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This is to all intents and purposes a beta. i will make a v2 with suggestions (so please post feedback)


As the title says, its MP for up to 4 players. I havent played it with 4 people yet but with only 2 it is very hard (imo). Given theres no way to mission end a MP game yet through triggers and victory conditions, ill elaborate on what one can consider success or failure here.

Basic Success would be succesful landing and deployment of your mech units on the Airfield by the IL76 (meaning the airfield has to be captured for it to land) and subsequent defence of the airfield from counterattack.

Degrees of success would include : survival of the MI8s, survival of you (no dieing!) survival of the IL76 and survival of the RU Mech force defending the airfield.


mission briefing:



Excerpts from the orders from Cmdr, air mobile assault force 1.


Russian air mobile forces are poised for a bold action against georgian key sites in an effort to topple the government. The 104th guards airborne is the primary unit involved with attachments from the air force and attack helo squadrons.


Georgian defence forces are comprised of basic mech infantry forces comprising BMP2s and assorted small arms, mobile AA arty (shilka) and asssorted mobile and static SAM units both radar and IR.


Mission: Air mobile assault force 1 will conduct a deliberate attack on the airfield

at Senaki to be complete NLT 0630 local in order to allow 104th guards airborne to secure key installations throughout georgia and overthrow the government.



Air Mobile assault force 1 willl conduct a deliberate attack in 2 phases.


Phase 1:

Through the use of direct fires from KA50 and mi24 combat Helos and su25 CAS strikes, followed by an infantry insertion of 2 platoons by mi8 after enemy armour and AA assets have been destroyed.

KA50s will occupy battle positions prior to the main force and arrival of the initial fixed wing SEAD strike and engage targets on identification.

Mi24s will provide close support and escort for the MI8s approximately 2-5mins in front of them to prepare the landing zones. MI8s will then drop the infantry forces in to secure the airfield.


Phase 1 endstate: Airfield in Russian hands and secure for IL76 landing operations and Atk Helo Replens.


Phase 2 : reinforcement of the airfield by IL76 providing limited armour capability in order to hold the airfield against any cuonterattack, in addition to continued security and screening by the Ka50s.

Mechanised forces will occupy battle positions around the airfield and conduct a static defence. KA50s will conduct forward screening and and attacks by fires on any enemy counterattacks identified.


Admin log:

No change

Command and Sig:

No change.

A bold plan.miz

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