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Tweaking Graphics: graphics.cfg and options.lua


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Hi everyone,


I am still trying to tweak the graphics.cfg and the options.lua files,

but I didnt manage to figure out the meaning of all switches/options and their particular ranges, e.g. what are the following options doing?



- EffectOptions

- AdvancedEffect

- RenderEffect

- CivilianRoutes

- ShadowLevel

- LightsLevel

- MirrorsLevel

- TextureLevel

- Exhaust


Some parameters avail in options.lua seem to be doubled, which to use? e.g.:

- effects

- lights

- water

- heatBlr (==Exhaust?)


And for the "views"->"cockpit", should I turn "mirror" and "reflections" on?

Or may these not working correctly?


What about Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic-Filtering?


Thanks a lot in advance! Great sim!



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