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Rotor sounds from "Edge" and "Project 50"


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Hey guys.


Here is a small sound "mod" that makes your KA-50 sound more like the ones you heard in my 2 movies "Edge" and "Project 50" (which were recordings of the real Ka-50 at airshows). :)


Diveplane helped me out so credits go out to him, i just edited together the rotor sounds to sort of "loop" (though not 100% perfect, but oh well).





Just put this file into your

...\Ka-50\Sounds\Effects folder and just replace the one already there.


*remember to back up the original file though!*


Have fun :)

Thanks for hosting jabog!

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would be great if someone can get the sound from these guys at CWM Chech War Mod for ARMA...i tried to find files..but couldnt find...



BTW...glow...your sound rocks! i think you have captured the right air flutter noise...

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find me on steam! username: Hannibal_A101A


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