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Sparating laserer and shooter


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Okay, everyone keeps asking about buddy lasing...But when you fire a missile at a target locked up with the schkval (correct spelling?) your own laser would fire automatically anyways...If you turned your laser off, then you would not recieve launch authorization. So the whole discussion is rather moot. I don't see what the big deal is...


If you HAVE to have buddy lasing, then wait for the apache module...Or perhaps they'll figure out a way to incorporate a ground faac for the A-10 module. Time will tell, but until then...

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I've not done it myself but I have fired many a KH25 ingame and this is how I would imagine it would work.


Designating aircraft


Turn laser to standby

Switch laser mode to designator

Uncage Shkval

Ground stabilise and point at your target then press designate once more, your laser should now be on and you will get a countdown on the HUD.


Engaging aircraft


Leave laser in off position

Master arm on

Select kh25

Switch from auto to manual on weapons panel

You should now have launch authorisation



Now of course this could all be nonesense as I haven't tried but if I had to guess then this is how I imagine it would work. Furthermore I would expect there to be angular limits to the visibility of the laser spot and other launch parameters I don't even know about.


Of course none of this will work with Vikhr as it's a beam rider as mentioned many times before.

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