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WolfHounds' Air Combat Wing (ACW) is now recruiting, with specific focus on players from within the Australasian region.


ACW operates in the AEST/AEDT (GMT +10) with our events occurring regularly on Saturdays @ 8pm 



Based in Australia, ACW is a growing DCS group with members ranging from complete novices to ex-military. As a group ACW holds regular, weekend Ops throughout the year. These ops typically follow a campaign style narrative, and are not limited to specific modules. If you are interested in joining ACW, then be prepared to join a group who plan, train and fly together to fulfill the mission objective.



To support our DCS community we operate and manage two public servers, including one mission server at no cost to our members. Public servers run our inhouse OPENWARFARE MP Mission across the Caucasus and Persian Gulf terrains. Our Mission server is solely used for our DCS ops.



As we endeavour to allow the pilots the most freedom with how to approach operations, there is no air-frame requirements for ACW. However, we do desire pilots who are:

  1. Mature,
  2. Cooperative,
  3. Active, participation is key.

If you are interested, please either PM me or join the WolfHound Tactical Discord.

When joining our discord make sure to give yourself the ACW role

Some eye and ear candy below, put together by one of our ACW members



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