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VIKHR Deployment ?


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Is the following protocol correct? Please make any necessary corrections.



Using the VIKHR (AT-16 Scallion) Anti-Tank Missile System

Initial Setup:

1. Turn on Master Arm Switch = w LeftAlt

2. Turn on Laser Standby Selector = o RightShift

3. Turn on Moving Ground Target = n

4. Turn on Automatic Turn on Target = q

5. Select Outer Weapon Stations (AT Missiles) = y

6. Uncage the Shkval (sighting system) = o

7. Lower Helmet Mounted Sight = h



8. Slave the Helmet Mounted Sight to the Shkval = press and hold o

9. Or you can slew the Target Frame manually over target = ; . , /

10. Adjust Target Frame = [ ]

11. Shkval zoom in/out on target = - +

12. Once the Target Frame is over the target press Lock Target key = Enter

13. Look for the TA on the TV monitor to ensure a proper target lock.

14. Position the VIKHR (Missile) Launch Circle located on the HUD over the Target LOS Circle also on the HUD.

15. Once both circles are lined up a C will appear on the HUD and TV - time to Release Weapon = Space RightALT

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Be sure the weapon system power is switched on (wall panel), and the weapon system mode selector is in the correct position (weapon mode control panel).


Weapon System Power switched on =


What position do you put the Weapon System Mode Selector in: turn left = F LeftCtrl, turn right = F LeftAtl

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The most left position is normal use.

(Moving canon – automatic weapons mode) allows the cannon to be slaved to the Shkval line of sight. The ATGMs launchers will adjust their vertical angle automatically. This is the primary automatic mode and all functions are calculated using a full set of weapon data for employment.

DCS Rafale - please :thumbup:

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I have a problem. I am in auto hover and automatic turn on target somehow doesnt work right. Or not like I expect it to. When I do the list as in the first post described, the outer (bigger) circle is always 1-2cm on the left from the inner circle (marked target). Automatic turn on target is on.

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That's normal... you have to use right rudder to get the final alignment. The turn on target mode is set up for gun employment which is why it's offset to the left.


Oh, ok.

But why is that? I would assume that the autopilot system is precise enough to align the Shark correctly with the target. I mean, it can the hold the Shark in a perfect hover.

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