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Praise to realism


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Hi there,


just introduce myself:


I've been playin LockOn few years ago, "found" Black Shark using G**gle, and i was really impressed in reading the creators (ED) promises.


So long, we all know the game industry, games are hyped, promises are made, and the final result is just - let me use a "light" word - frustrating!




I tried to wait, but i had to buy DCS Russian Version - and i was really impressed - days went by, (and so did my "Wreckages" ;)) and the english version was released - you guess it: i had to buy it too!


I was really impressed by the detail ED put into this game, but that's not the end of the story. I was playing with a 5.1 THX certified Sound system, attached to my XFI soundcard, and i was happy.

Few days ago, my girlfriend complained about the "whimmering" and "roars" all evening long coming from my Speakers, because i was flyin DCS.

So i decided to get me a pair of brand new Sennheiser Headphones, and then i was really shocked:


I was just starting up my Shark (following my standard startup procedure), and heard some weird nosise, at first i thought my headphone cabling was too close to my pc's powerlines, but then i realized that these "Freaks" from ED (excuse me, but i have to say this) have even implemented the sound of "gyros" of the Standby ADI.


This is a level of realism, i've never seen (and heard ;)) before - so congratulations and respect ED, i'm trying to convince everyone i know of your product.



Best regards,



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Agreed, it is a fantastic sim. Nice headphones you have there.

Thanks again ED/DCS creators, I can see flying Blackshark for a long time, especially due to all the learning that has to go on to master this sim.




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Nice headphones you have there.


Not necessarily because they're Sennheiser. Sennheiser too has some shitty designs. The good ones are pretty good though.

Good, fast, cheap. Choose any two.

Come let's eat grandpa!

Use punctuation, save lives!

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