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I love Fallout 3. No matter what people say, it IS Oblivion with guns.

This is a GOOD thing ;)


So Blackshark.

Is it LOCKON with helicopters?

Yes yes, I know people will jump in but basically apart from the clickable pit it is.


I LOVE IT. Honestly I do.


BUT, having just played the second campaign mission in the UK version, I am very disappointed with the fact that as my rockets were in the air to kill the last insurgents, I failed the mission. Fair enough, I didn't respond in time. My fault. Should have flown VERY close to the convoy instead ot zipping around the patrol box:music_whistling:

No worries thought I....I'll be flying another mission now because of the branching campaign.

NO NO NO, I now have to fly the same mission again!!!!

Is this a PS3 "game"???? I feel as if I want to save my flight every 10 mins just incase I muck up somewhere!

Please tell me the extra campaigns that came with the international release DO have branching campaigns, or that at least I can edit and jump into campaign mission from the editor?

I really have no desire to fly to the trigger point. Land and fast froward time to wait for the convoy to be ambushed :P


I know we won't be getting Falcon's dynamic campaign, broken or not but not having an enjoyable campaign is really going to shorten the lifespan (for me) of this otherwise top notch simulator.


Thank for any replies, Mr.R.

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  • ED Team

MrReynolds, please take the time to read the section of the manual regarding the staged campaign system, I think it will make things much clearer for you. In the Russian COIN campaign, most of the phases have one or two missions. As such, if you lose a mission you are likely (50%) to replay the mission from the prior stage. For the larger campaign included with the English version, 4 or more missions are included for each stage. As such, the chances of replaying the same mission again are greatly reduced. As stated in the manual, the more missions per stage reduces the chances of mission repetition. Additionally, most missions have a great number of random factors such that the same mission will often not play out the same way twice.

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