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Logitech Extreme 3D Pro settings? Profile?


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Just got the AH-64D module, and for the life of me I can't figure out Axis Tuning to make the cyclic, collective and rudder (RZ) less sensitive.

Is there any profile in the Forum or thread you can point me to for this?

Sorry I don't use a more sophisticated setup; I've tried Thrustmaster Warthog over the years, it's just too much muscle power for my old person arms to handle.  And I don't have room for the more elaborate helicopter-specific controllers to set up, and can't find a joystick without springs, which would be sufficient for me.




ROG Maximus X, Intel i7-3770 3.5GHz , Nvidia 680Ti, 16GB DDR3 2400MHz, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

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Howdy realtrance, I'll presume you are now the owner/operator of a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.....(?); the Warthog stick is in mothballs now?

The Extreme 3D Pro will get you PLENTY of great use and flexible configuration options. A couple of the DCS gurus on YouTube have made their training videos using that stick....... I really do like mine, although I wish for certain others I'm better off not impulse-purchasing. The X3D Pro is plenty good enough for me.

I've attached (what I hope are) my input controller profiles ; you may need or want to swat that leading "0" off the filename; I do that with stuff I want to appear at the top of a file list or as a "Do Not Delete" reminder. Just my idiotsyncracy 🙂

Can't guarantee anything great will happen with my setup...... I own the AH-64D, Blackshark2, F-18C, A-10C II, others and from day 1 of DCS use I've tried to set a common key/stick binding across all aircraft, and also in simulators by others. My trial DCS F-16C bindings are exactly like those I've set up in BMS Falcon.

You said "old person arms"...... me too PLUS my brain surface is highly polished from...... well, the 1970's was inimitably wonderful, with a reasonable price. I need every mnemonic device/memory assist I can grab 🙂

Ah.... you mentioned too-sensitive Axis responses? Try reducing the Y axis saturation on Roll and Pitch axes........ you might see my axis tuning in the attached profiles. I think of that Y saturation as "intensity"........ so reduction of Y saturation could help that on each axis. Don't mean to ramble but "Saturation" is a tricky concept in BMS Falcon....... the higher the saturation, the "heavier" the aircraft "feels" in flight. In DCS, though, it's as I'd think it should be...... like linear vs exponential.

BTW I'm on my 4th Logitech X3D Pro in 5 years...... the current one has been more durable and consistent than the others. I think the first 3 were "refurbished", and the most recent was 100% factory-new...... the $39.95 price (B&H PhotoVideo) of my current and quite robust one was worth it. Have you scanned about the 'net for prices for that stick? Up to $100 !?!?!?!? INSANE!! I really hate when the rudder axis gets twitchy, but I do tend to "wring" that axes hard.

Hope this helps!!


0AH-64D-CPG.diff.lua 0AH-64D-PLT.diff.lua

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