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Radar GMT and AGM-65E, losing target.


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Hi. Trying to handle Hornet.
Radar in GMT mode loses its target after a while. Attached couple of screenshots, if that helps.
1st just after launch and 2nd just after target is lost. What am i doing wrong?




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I can't tell exactly from the screenshots if this is your issue, but the closer you get to the target, it is possible to lose the radar track due to the narrow radar constraints.  In the screenshot, it seems you are extremely close.  Since you need to illuminate the entire flight time, SLOW down and adjust aspect to keep in constraints..

The TPOD has a better chance of keeping a lock on the target when in close, so it is usually preferable to switch to the FLIR as the sensor maintaining the System Designation as you can get further offset and maintain lock than you can with the Radar.

Sometimes easier said than done.  For Fire and Forget weapons like AGM-65F the radar works great. For GBU or AGM-65E where you need to maintain a radar lock as you get closer to the target, the TPOD is a better choice.

For moving targets, it is kind of a pain to do this. For static targets, it is easy to just bring up the TPOD and designate with TDC. For moving targets, you need to work harder to get a PTRK.

Currently there is a (bug?) behavior where if you switch TDC to the TPOD while you are tracking a GMT or SEA contact, the radar will drop the lock, but you can bring up the TPOD to get a visual as long as you don't switch TDC to it. 

I have a TRK file in this thread that illustrates that.  (Not quite the same issue, but similar in that you will be able to track the target longer with FLIR as the Sensor providing the Designation)

Here are  a couple of new tracks: (Persian Gulf Map)

1) Kept radar lock only FIRE MAV-E and drove in close.  Lock Lost

2)Switched to FLIR and generated PTRK. FIRE MAV-E Drove in and maneuvered to keep FLIR on target

HandofftoFLIR.trk LostRadarLock.trk

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