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Missions for module aircraft


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I was surprised how smooth it was in VR I guess it’s because there’s not that much static objects and clutter. 

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Start Date April 2020 


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6 hours ago, VRimulator said:

I just played South Atlantic for the first time today. There is not a single Instant Action mission, or a single mission in the "missions" list for the many modules that I own. At the present time you're on your own to create your own content/missions.
There is a thread I created in the South Atlantic "Wishlist" section of the forum about this.
It's an issue with this map, with the Channel map, with many modules like the Mossie, and the Mig 15.
We have an excellent canvas and an amazing "sandbox" and it's up to us to create the "game content" - all we get is a framework and a mission editor for 80 dollar modules and 70 dollar maps. I'm turned off by it. In a few years there will be a single player campaign for the map I am sure. Open Beta you know.... but it's an endless open beta and no one, NO ONE plays alpha - just look at the multiplayer servers.

Short Answer ='s NOPE - no content AT ALL!

The map is beautiful, and runs pretty well in my limited experience, even in VR.
Good luck, hope I'm not in trouble now....

Leave troubles behind by learning a few mission editor skills 😉

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