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AGM-65F IR Mav missing Wide FOV Symbology


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With multiple IR Mavericks selected, when uncaging the subsequent Mavericks this behavior is noted:

1. They uncage in Wide FOV, this can be verified by setting Sensor to IRMV then NWS button which brings the FOV in to narrow FOV

2. Uncaged in Wide FOV, they don't have the frame/bracket symbology to indicate this. 

Steps to reproduce

  1. AG & Master Arm
  2. Designation
    1. DESG from EHSD or from HUD
    2. EW/Map on left, TPOD double press on right
    3. TPOD designate
  3. Maverick F
    1. Select IRMav on left page
    2. Point jet at target & UNCAGE
    3. Undesignate/NWS to zoom FOV
    4. SSS Fwd: Change from IRMV Slew
    5. TDC Designate (if IRMV in left corner)
    6. PICKLE
  4. Next Mav
    1. UNCAGE to bring next Mav Screen
    2. Undesignate/NWS to zoom FOV (ITS ZOOMED OUT BUT NO BARS)
    3. NOTE the FOV changes but symbology was missing
    4. SSS Fwd: Change from IRMV Slew
    5. TDC Designate (if IRMV in left corner)


-screenshots before and after


-Video here in case DCS track dies with patch:  24 seconds shows how wide FOV should look (first maverick), 1:33 shows uncaging a subsequent maverick into wide FOV without symbology.


AV8B 2nd IR Mav missing FOV Frame.trk Maverick F missing FOV bracket.docx

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