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How do I add docs to OpenKneeboard software?

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Hi guys, love openkneeboard so far in vr. It is just what I was looking for.

 Question: I managed to add pdf file to my kneeboard (by adding a new tab and pointing to the pdf file..it is perfectly visible in dcs) but how do I add documents to, let's say, the theater tab? I tried everything for 2 hours and read a lot of stuff but it just doesn't happen. Can you put me in the right direction?


 The saved games folder is automatically recognized for dcs and the kneeboard shows perfectly in vr.... where does this kneeboard gets its documents from, that's the question.


I tried different versions of openkneeboard and none of them seem to do what I need. I use stable version dcs 2.7.


Thanks for putting me in the right directions.



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I've added some more docs: https://github.com/fredemmott/OpenKneeboard/blob/master/docs/troubleshooting/dcs-tabs.md

 add documents to, let's say, the theater tab?

For now, the theater tab only loads built-in pages (which only exist for caucasus and NTTR); if there's a standard place for them inside saved games, I'll make it load those too - but I don't think there is.

If someone can confirm there's no 'standard' place for per-map user kneeboard pages, I'll probably add support for `Saved Games\OpenKneeboard\Maps\MapNameHere` in a future version

My projects:

OpenKneeboard - VR and non-VR kneeboard with optional support for drawing tablets; get help
HTCC - Quest hand tracking for DCS; get help

If you need help with these projects, please use their 'get help' links above; I'm not able to track support requests on these forums.


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