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TSD attack phase overpopulated by mission editor targets.


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I came back to flying the Apache with a friend as cpg on the Rotorheads server after a bit of hiatus on the last patch. We quit after flying for about 20min because the TSD attack phase was populated with targets from T01 to T51. We figured “ok, these targets should all be enemies” but it turned out to be a friendly.

Another problem was, since all 51 target identifiers were already populated, we no longer are able to mark new targets via the TADS because any targets above T50 does not save. We were not ready to spend time deleting the targets that was preprogrammed into our MFD only to have it repopulated when we respawn.

Also, having the TADS over populated with these targets make it impossible for me to buddy laze with JTAC because I have now idea which target is which.

For me, this “feature” really killed the Apache for me. I dread flying this module now so I am back to the 24. I am really surprised that with the latest update, they didn't remove this “feature”. SMH 😑

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