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Fox Bay helipad unusable


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Hi everyone,


Fox Bay helipad is currently unusable, there are 3D objects present (though none are accurate), but the helipad itself has rubble on top of it, making it unusable.

Here's the helipad in Google Earth:


You can see the octaganol helipad to the north and small paths leading to the south. To the east, next to the dirt road, there's a concrete pad (presumably for cargo), then following the path south, there's 2 small buildings (one on each side, with the eastern one further north) and at the southern edge there's a small fuel depot, with 2 small fuel tanks, with possibly a fuel line leading up to the helipad.

Here's the same place in DCS World (-camera 55.627373 0.438180 -63.067234 -cameradir 0.000000 -1.000000 0.000000):


  • The helipad is visible in the textures, but is instead a mound of rubble - making it unusable (even if you use the remove objects one trigger, the rubble will be present at the instant a mission starts, damaging whatever helicopter you start with).
  • Where the concrete pad should be is the ruins of a building.
  • The 2 small buildings are absent.
  • The fuel depot is instead a large building.
  • The dirt road looks like it should just about stop where the concrete pad is, but in DCS it curves all the way around.
  • There's a cluster of tanks where there shouldn't be anything (apart from TSW written on the ground)
  • There's trees where there aren't any
  • On the eastern side of the dirt road, there are buildings where that aren't there IRL.
  • There's an electrical object adjacent to the west, which there isn't there IRL.
  • There's a small, uncompleted structure in the bottom right of the image, which is just a flat texture.

Here's a view from the east, looking towards the east (camera position: -camera 55.619175 0.067104 -63.266495 -cameradir -0.021053 -0.288174 0.957347):


And here's another one, looking to the north (camera position -camera 55.553023 0.003905 -63.075165 -cameradir 0.962140 -0.083696 0.259387):


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