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Radio communication menu auto pop up during landing at GCAS warning tone


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in SP mode when perparing for landing at he last phase after getting landing permission from the ATC and successfully hiding the communication menu, then during the descend when I reach the GCAS set alert altitude and the "Altitude, altitude'!" tone sounds the radio comm menu pops up automatically and I have to hide it all the time with the proper hotas MIC switch button press. Very annoying.

At DCS settings easy communicaiton is set to OFF.

  • PC: 10700K | Gigabyte Z490 | Palit 3090 GamingPro | 32GB | Win10
  • HMD: HP Reverb G2 | OpenXR @ 120% | OpenXR Toolkit: 70% Shaking reduction | DCS 2.9: DLAA with Sharpening 0.5 (no upscaling)
  • Controllers: VKB Gunfighter MkIII base & 200 mm curved extension center mounted + TM F16 Grip / MCG Pro Grip | TM TFRP
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