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More Land base anti-ship, and cruise missiles.


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After play on the South Atlantic Map. I found that DCS is lacking in the long range land base missile surface to surface / sea. The scud can't reach the Falklands from the main land. And the only land base anti-ship missile is the Silkworm. Maybe ED can add the Type 88 Surface-to-Ship Missile from japan.

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The most relevant coast defence anti-ship missile system for the South Atlantic is probably the MM.38 Exocet Block 1 (which was an improvised system, taking launchers off of a ship and sticking them on a trailer, with presumably bearing-only launch capability).


The MM.38 Exocet Block 1 is also relevant for UK ships (such as the Leander batch 3As we're getting with the asset pack), as well as being the missile our La Combattante IIa (which is depicted as a German Type 148 Tiger-class) should fire.


As for other systems, personally the 3K60 'Bal-E' [SSC-6 Sennight] gets my vote (plus there's a missile model already present in the files). Though there's plenty of others to choose from.

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