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AGM-84 - Harpoon and SLAM : when can we hope something functionnal ? And an ended release of the F/A-18C module ?


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Dear Eagle Dynamics,

Thanks for your job and the multiple flight hours and good moments you allow us to spend on your simulator.

However it's 4 years now that the F/A-18C is in "Early Acces" and by trying to spend à good time today with the AGM-84 I have been, one time again, confronted to too much bugs and problems to enjoy my flight.

Some Harpoons self-destroy when passing to inboard radar reschearch in BOL mode, some SLAM try to reach more than 30 kft when in MED FLT and loose all their energy to poorly end far away from the designated point... To sum up : AGM-84 are far away from being usable. For sure : it's only one weapon, we could enjoy the others ones. But... A lot of the others ones shows bugs too : the PIP in CCIP for bombs, the options for JDAM are not all implemented...

So it's a lot of things and as a customer I'm a little disapointed when I think that we are waiting for a proper release since 4 years now. So : when do you think to finish the job and release something properly ended to your curtomers ?

Thanks by advance for your answer and : no offense !

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  • ED Team


Harpoon issues are reported and are being worked on, but it is complex and is taking longer than we would like to resolve. 

Early access is a long process and always will be, the development of these modules are complex.  

As soon as the harpoon issues are resolved it will be mentioned in the change logs. 

Thank you for your patience. 


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