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Has the binding for 'Hydraulic Isolation Toggle Switch' been removed?


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I had it bound previously but after the last few updates and changing of my HOTAS / Control Panels, I can't find the binding to bind to anymore. I've manually scrolled all the way through it and there is nothing for either 'Hydraulic' or 'HYD' or 'FLT' or 'Isolation'.

Was this removed or has this never been implemented and I was only able to bind to it because of DCS BIOS (which I no longer use)?

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On 6/20/2022 at 11:32 PM, Elphaba said:

Nor do I know why people are calling this 'Right Sidewall' when it's on the left... /facepalm.

The code you attached is for Hydraulic Emergency Flight Control Switch which is indeed on the right console.



What you want in OP is on the left vertical console, #3:


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That is indeed what I want to bind:



Switch isolating landing gear, nosewheel steering and wheel brakes from the combined hydraulic system. Is automatically moved to T.O./LDG by LDG GEAR in DOWN position.
FLT - In flight operation, isolates systems listed above.
T.O./LDG - Take-off/landing, connects systems listed above, allowing them to operate.
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Here's the Fix:

{down = device_commands.HYD_ISOL_Switch,         cockpit_device_id = devices.HYDRAULICS, value_down = 1, name = _('-Hydraulic Isolation Switch FLT'), category = { _('Landing Gear Control Panel')}},
{down = device_commands.HYD_ISOL_Switch,         cockpit_device_id = devices.HYDRAULICS, value_down = 0, name = _('-Hydraulic Isolation Switch TO/LNG'), category = { _('Landing Gear Control Panel')}},


Add these to the Keyboard.lua for the aircraft in the core game folder i.e. not saved games folder

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