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Gunsight not aligned


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My gunsight isn't in front of my eyes: it position is not aligned and lower ( i only see the down part of the sight circle). To correct this ( and obtain a full circle in front of my eyes), i have to recenter my position in the cockpit BUT i feel way low sitted.

In fact when i look to my pilot in external view, his head is way above of the reticule glass, the line from his eyes pass above the sight glass ( for me, in this position, the pilot has to lower his head to aim).

For me 2 solutions:

1° the upper position is correct, eyes above the reticule glass, pilot position in external view is correct but you have to lower your head to aim and shoot...

2° If i can see the complete ring of sight then the pilot in external view is way to high sitted.

Thx for your help

ps: I use a VR  headset

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Thx Slick but i've already read this topic.

I can set myself in front of the reticule. That's being said, i feel lower in the pit, this confirmed by the 3D pilot : my head sits in my chest...

And take a look at the external view: the pilot's head, his eyes are clearly ABOVE the reticule's glass so this pilot can only see the bottom of the reticule's circle or nothing.

That is exactly what i wanted to note as an imperfection and for me it's a bit a problem to be sunk in my seat.

That said: big thx for your reply ^^

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