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AMRAAM Shootlines dissapear when pitbull

Comrade Doge

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This is a follow up on this post: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/303075-amraam-shootlines/#comment-4990867 where I was pleasantly surprised that the AMRAAM shootlines were already in game.

However, there is one detail regarding the current implementation, the shootlines dissapear after the missile goes pitbull, which is incorrect. It should disappear when the time to impact reaches 0, not the time until pitbull. The evidence is supported by the MLU M3 Update manual, page 153 in the AMRAAM Shootlines section.

I am attaching a track with the shootline not being present after the missile is pitbull (only the lockline shows). Have an easy day!



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  • ED Team

Hi Comrade Doge, 

correct for now, but will be changing later when new DL logic is in place.

Will mark as W.I.P for now

thank you

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