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Lights and AI


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Will the AI detect you faster if you haver your navigation lights on?

In MP it seems to be easier to leave them on to avoid collisions, but how does the AI react to them?

At first i believed that they ignored the lights, but recent crashes made me think twice :music_whistling:

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I do belive anything that make you more visable in the sim lights, dust from being too low. will make you more visable to the AI. :smilewink:

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Sim beliefs... :music_whistling:

Back in time Flanker 2 reviewers used to write that you can hide in the clouds (in-game) to escape IR homing missile. Well it was not and it still isn't the case (Lock On FC). For the BS - there is a producer note about AI new detection logic but it's not confirmed as an actual feature of BS. At least not to my knowledge.

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AI aircraft in Black Shark have a complex detection model which does account for the presence of a light source. This detection logic is not currently modeled for ground units. In other words, keeping your lights on does make you more vulnerable to possible airborne threats, but not ground threats.

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Important: you guys can detected by a single missile shot.


ED good works ! AI is very clever now. Sad thing: AI is static, don't runaway when we shot them.




--detection_time_with_50_percent_visibility = 5.0,


by_own_light = {

aircraft_lights_detection_distance = {

[NAV_LIGHTS] = 5000.0,

[LANDING_LIGHTS] = 7000.0,

[TIPS_LIGHTS] = 3000.0,

[sPOT_LIGHTS] = 6000.0,

[sTROBE_LIGHT] = 10000.0


flare_light_detection_distance = 6000.0,


by_shoots = {

weapon_lights_detection_distance = {

[DET_EVENT_MG_SHOOT] = 5000.0,










motion_factor = {

angular_speed_to_angular_size_ratio_max = 10.0,

detection_distance_factor_max = 1.5,


background_factor = true,

background_factors = { --for air targets ONLY!

[background_TYPE_AIR] = 1.0,

[background_TYPE_LAND] = 0.6,

[background_TYPE_FOREST] = 0.3,

[background_TYPE_ROAD] = 0.8,

[background_TYPE_RUNWAY] = 0.8,

[background_TYPE_WATER] = 0.75


These means: stay far! in the forest! don't move and turn off all the lights! without a single shot! or/and droping flare! :smilewink:


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