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2 small tips for the VPC ACE pedals users (Heli use)


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1- The pedals has a very distinct deadzone in the middle. If you open up the VPC Joystick tester, and move the pedals from one side to the other in one smooth motion, you will easily see the deadzone on the curves. It wasn't very noticable when flying with default pedals and settings. But after the dampener mod and no need to recenter after trim, it became very noticable. Specially trying to do tiny corrections near center. Default it was set at 5% on mine.

This deadzone can be adjusted inside the VPC configuration tool. See attached picture.


2- Install the dampener mod. No need to drill any holes. And no need to move the spacer as mentioned in the video. You can simply unscrew the one from the bottom, and replace it with a longer screw, since the spacer is threaded. Took me max 20 min to install once I had gather the few bits and peices.

After you have installed the dampener, don't do as I did, and put the restriction at the lowest. This will make the "stickines"/"grip" from the cylinder very noticable. Instead turn restriction slightly up. This will make you use more force. But the "stickiness" is gone. Since the force you need to apply easily overcomes the initial "grip" on the cylinder before it moves. And since there is more restriction, the pedals will not "overshoot" as it did with minimum restriction setting.



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