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TOS for waypoints is not taken from Mission Editor (CRUS page)


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After extensive testing with a wingman we have discovered an issue with the CRUS page (not related to the already reported issue on system time).

The TOS for each waypoint is not taken from the times set in the mission editor, but are instead interpreted as a delta from time of player spawn. This means the TOS or TOT for every waypoint for two players in the same flight will differ by the difference in spawn time between the two players.

How to recreate:

Create a simple mission with a group of two vipers (bug also present with hot spawns). Create a series of waypoints with set ETA (having fix time on or off does not affect the bug).

Host the mission on multiplayer. Have one player spawn in, unpause the mission, then have the second player wait a certain amount of time before also spawning in. Check the TOS for the steerpoints on the cruise page. For player two, they will all be delayed by the same amount of time they waited before spawning in, for example if TOS for WP4 is 19:05:00 and player two waited 30 seconds before spawning, they will see a TOS of 19:05:30.

This makes it impossible to create timed flight plans and strike missions in the ME and requires each player to either manually re-enter all the TOS values for each steerpoint, or to select a particular steerpoint, calculate the time offset and enter it as a delta TOS on the TIME page. Each player has to calculate their own delta TOS after setting the system time as it depends on the spawn time of each individual player.

The time offset is from mission start time so the only way to preserve the original TOS values is to spawn in before unpausing the mission.




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