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Hi, trying to get through Mission 3 - Don't Blink, but keep getting shot down by the SAMs and AA by the dam.

I thought we had F/A-18s acting as SEAD but they don't seem to do anything? a single A-10 can't act as it's own SEAD, surely.

Thanks for any help - Michael

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Unfortunately, the AI SEAD typically aren't very good and generally can't be relied upon to provide any assist. However, the anti-air for this mission aren't very good either as long as you 1. maintain your altitude and 2. maintain your distance.

The loadout for this mission gives you 4 AGM-65D, Mavericks, which give you a 10 mile standoff and also Hydra-70 M282's which are excellent short-range missiles which give you a 5 mile standoff. If used effectively, you'll never come close to getting shot down.

Good luck and (most importantly) have fun!

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Thanks, so would you recommend I take the time to attack and neutralize all the AA and SAMs at the dam site before trying to get past them?

So far I've tried to get on with the main objective of attacking the 2 bridges, but that's hard to execute when multiple SAMs are launched at you!

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One more question for Mission 3 (Artillery + two bridges)
It is clear that I have to destroy SAM and AAA next to artillery near the dam. OK. Then I got message "Artillery is done, go to bridges"
Destroyed bridges but did not get message like in the Mission 2 "bridges were destroyed, RTB".
Decided to check, went down and was killed by Air Defense next to bridge .
Should I receive message that bridges are done in Mission 3 or I have to do BDA by myself?
But to be honest I was as well waiting F-18 will do SEAD next to dam 🙂
UPDATE: my apologies, all messages received ( artillery + 2 bridges) so everything worked as expected. And only now realized  I actually passed Mission 2-2.
Mission Don't blink - my next

Also - if you will do any polishing for campaign.
It would be good to have all "photos" in the knee pad and maybe change "style" of briefing pictures on the left?
I mean photos are good but first page - big red letters. It does not look like DCS hardcore style but some Xbox pew-pew arcade 🙂

Edited by Odessa
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