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Collective actuator always in ALT Mode?

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I have the suspicion that since the update that introduced the ALT hold mode, the Collective actuator is constantly fighting to keep the alt, even ALT hold mode was NEVER engaged.

anybody else seeing this?

I watch the controls indicators and the green line on the collective is always way off...even if i re center, it goes off again to hold altidude.

so if i pull the nose up to fly NOE/ contour, the SAS drops the collective... is that correct?

collective SAS .trk

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  • ED Team

I've made a point of these two behaviors (exceeding it's authority as well as it's behavior without ALT hold on) as well. It seems to try to maintain the VSI position when ALT hold isn't on.

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It's almost not flyable close to the ground now because of this.... I feel like I am not in control anymore and since i have to reset the SAS so much it messes with all axes.



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Posted (edited)


Hello ED.

I really try to be patient here, but all I am asking for is a little "we are working on this." or "you are out to lunch, this is is how it is, deal with it."

I know what I am talking about and the issue is soooo annoying, for a module that was hyped so hi. I am crashing into trees because SAS is having control over the Collective.

It's broken.

please, please please. at least say we are all on summer vacay or we are not doing anything about it.




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Ah, I though I was crazy.... But no, I have notice it too. From sometime I have found that the SAS is trying to "correct" me every second, and takes its own decidions. That not happened  some time ago.

I want to rise because there is a montain ahead... Nope, skynet.... I mean SAS, decides that flying directly to it is correct and tries to nullify my inputs (i can see my collective bar up and the green SAS bar waaaaay down)

I want to sink because there is a sudden SAM threat in the RWR... Nope, Synet... I mean SAS... Decides that to continue at the same altitud is the best strategy.

So, I have to continually press trim foward to nullify SAS inputs. I am not sure, but I don't think that this behaviour is same IRL (and if it is, this helicopter is trying to kill you or what?)

This, combined with the other thread about ALT hold not working (I swear that I can't maintain altitude out of ground effect, despise the people that says that it is working and only is not shown in the HIADSS) makes me think that there is some kind of issue regarding everything that have to do with altitude.

Please ED, check this

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As the altitude hold doesn't work well right now, my go-to interim fix has been to kill the collective SCAS channel before every flight. You'll get an FMC caution when doing so, but no longer be fighting the system over the collective.

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