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Problems in Tracks (record), 5 bugs report.


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Russian version, with newinput.dll


I have one track recorded in multiplayer with other two friends. But in this track i see other flying, but my Ka50 is stopped, no start engines, no press buttons, no fly. In other track my movements is recorded correctly.


This mission during 2-3 hours i think. Approaching the final of mission appears Laser bug, laser stop working, no range display, cant launch Vihkar, this in original mission, not in record.


When in record i press Pause, all pause, except clouds, is moving.


If i get the control of track, when press again Escape no fuction, cant see menu for quit. I need use Task Manager to close DCS.exe process.


After complete mission, i landing, stop all Ka50, and use disconnect, but BS crash, and show one hidden message of error, and when i press Enter show windows error.


In resum, errors:


1- No recorded movements and anything of my Ka50.

2- Laser bug.

3- With Pause, clouds are moving.

4- I get Control of Track, now not show Escape Menu, need kill DCS.exe process for close.

5- In original (no recorded) mission, land, stop Ka50, i use disconnect and game crash, with two errors, one hidden and second windows error.


I Attach my mission and track in zip.



My Specs:

1. Core2Duo E6400 OC to 2.6 Ghz

2. Asus P5W DH Deluxe OC

3. 2 Gig RAM Kingston OC 1:1

4. XFX 8800 GTX - 178.24 / 180.48 drivers

5. LG

6. ADSL 3M/512

7. Loved Hotas Cougar / CH Pro Pedals USB / TrackIR 3 Pro

8. Win XP 32bits Profesional SP3

9. DirectX 9c with lastest redistribubles.



Cavallers del Cel - Comunintat Catalana de Simulació http://www.cavallersdelcel.cat

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I purchased the English language version online a few weeks ago (download) and just wanted to chime in that I also experience issues #1 and #5 as reported by Legolasindar above. The crash and the lack of complete track file always occur together when there are other pilots connected with me when I host. Additionally, I can typically fly the same multiplayer missions alone and get a valid track file and no crash on exit.


1. Processor: Core2 Quad 2.4GHZ (Q6600)

2. Motherboard: nVidia 780i

3. RAM: 2GB

4. Video card: EVGA Geforce 8800 GT

5. CD/DVD drive: got 2, not involved in this issue

6. Internet: Cable 10mbit/2mbit

7. Controllers: CH Products: 568 Combatstick, Pro Throttle, Pro Pedals

8. OS: Windows XP, w/SP2

9. DirectX 9.0c (as is installed with all games for the last couple years) ;)

Other: dual-screens with span mode and a custom created config with main view on the left and Shkval and ABRIS on the right.


I've had some multiplayer missions not crash afterwards (came with DCS: Coda and Confrontation), but it wasn't consistent (usually they crash, but haven't tried more than a few times with those missions). I never get track files with a custom created mission when there is someone connected to my server with me. One of the latest new missions a friend has created, besides the issues above, also does not recover after using Alt-TAB to get to the Windows desktop, where I usually have not had any problems with other missions. When trying to get back into the application, it takes over the screen, but does not ever redraw any of it. Since I cannot see anything, I am not sure if anything is operational at this point, tho I have had sound when I didn't pause DCS before Alt-TAB to Windows (to answer a Skype call).


Please advise if you would like a copy of the mission file for debugging. I have also collected the entire contents of my Temp folder and a screenshot with the error dialog after one of these crashes (Text: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library -- Runtime Error! -- Program: C:\Games\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\bin\stable\DCS.exe -- This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for more information). The pilots who have connected to my server also report that their client has crashed on exit of the same sessions.

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