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DCS: Top End Australia - Introduction from 2022-08-26


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 DCS: Top End Australia



The Top End Australia map covers 1,400 × 800km's of Australia's mainland including the Western and the Northern Territories. With a mixture of civilian and military airfields, aviators will experience a map that includes a rich red outback landscape complemented by the lakes and rivers, floodplains, coastline, and city centre of Darwin.


Infrastructure for major landmarks have been carefully detailed to provide the highest fidelity and includes Mindil Beach, Darwin, Broome, Tindal, Curtin, and the Delamere Weapons Range. The Top End Australia Map will give DCS players a unique experience to hone their skills across air, land, and sea domains allowing simulations of real-world exercises such as Pitch Black. Check out the Development Screenshots and stay tuned for future news as we look towards a report on their progress soon.

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