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Quest2 Display Flashing


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I've been messing with a lot of settings trying to get this Q2 working right. I've done something to it causing the display inside the headset to blink off and on like an old neon light every one second or so.


Anyone know what type of (mis)-setting could cause this? I am trying to use the Oculus Debug Tool alongside it. Steam version. I am not sure if I should be using Steam VR, Oculus VR, WMR, OpenXR, USB-C in or out, Oculus Tray Tool or no, start Steam VR first, last, which...what?


I'm lost. I was using a Rift S but since the USB and display ports cant seem to stay connected I am trying to use this Quest 2 I bought a while back. Any suggestions?


Also trying to run MSFS2020 and DCS and I am finding conflicting display settings and apps for both, which is causing a likely problem right?

Anyone know how to run both without having to switch display settings back and forth all the time?

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Wrong sub forum mate. You are posting in the old DCS Alpha 2.0 forums.....you will get very little response!

Here => https://forum.dcs.world/forum/302-virtual-reality/

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