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[help] Monitor Upgrade from 24" 1080p -> 27" 1080p or bigger 2k Monitor?

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Hey did someone upgrade from 24" 1080p to 27" 1080p?
A lot time i have read that 27" 1080p sucks, but other say it´s ok. I have even a friend play on a 32" 1080p and say it looks good.
Also i heard lot times that spotting get worse at 2k compared to 1080p. Very few say it´s better in 2k.
I know that i  could buy 2k and just play at 1080p Resoulution, but far as i know it is always recommended to play the native Resolution of the Monitor.

All i can say is that 1080p still looks fine for me and i would rather keep my extra frames instead loosing them for a higher resolution, but i would like to have a bigger Monitor for better spotting without loosing much picture quality. 
So, i wonder if 27" 1080p will look fine as 24" or could i go even bigger!? I play mostly DCS, but sometimes also a Shooter like Squad and i care only about gaming (so i dont need it for Office or so).

I would also like to have G-Sync as i have a nvidia GPU. Does this go well with DCS + Track IR?

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i am also interested in responses here.  It would seem that there are definitely varying opinions but man I'd like some updated thoughts from folks.  The last real debate here was from back when the 4k tvs became relatively available and affordable.

what is the recommendation for the resolution vs size argument??/ Is there a sweet spot folks have landed on?



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Spotting gets easier as you lower the resolution. And antialiasing gets better as you go upwards. So, if you really care about spotting, I'd go for 1080p.
I'm using a 27" 1080p and its just fine. 
In 1080p you'll have those "staircase effects" even if you put on 4x msaa or 2x ssaa. In 2K, its much better. 

In a nutshell eyecandy and casual flying = 2K if your pc specs also support it at acceptable fps
You already like how your game looks, and dont want to lose frames for no reason, also helps with the budget? = 1080p

Can't tell anything about 32" or higher, but my 27" is just brilliant and havent had any issues ever.

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