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WWII bomber intercept/escort mission


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Hi All, After a while, I have started making missions again. Here are two missions I would like to share, from the Luftwaffe point of view mostly, you are with a group of friendly's so just follow them, and practice your formation flying too. just maintain course, and be sure to tell your flight to engage bandits, when they get close enough (it's about 50 miles from spawn to first contact) so there is time to get comfortable. like combat though it gets hot very fast. If there is enough interest there are more where these came from. I forgot to say that these missions are on the Channel map and use the WWII assets pack.

Luftwaffe bomber intercept.miz

P-47s vs A-8s 11-24022.miz

Edited by Andy1966
added map and specs.

We are Virtual Pilots, a growing International Squad of pilots, we fly Allies in WWII and Red Force in Korea and Modern combat. We are recruiting like minded people of all Nationalities and skill levels.



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