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Mission 7 - Fleet Defender Bug, 'Killing' Carrier with touch and go landing

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As the title implies, I successfully completed Mission 7 and was told to RTB. Got the Mission Completed Message. As soon as I touched the carrier, I got a message that it was sinking and I was to divert to Turkey. I boltered and went up for another pass but then got Mission failed and exited out. This was a surprise because it was a clean landing, slow sink, certainly not my worst. When I checked the log at the end, it said I had "hit" the carrier on landing. 

Looking at Tacview, none of the cruise missiles hit any of the ships, carrier included.

Is this just a bug? Did I do some miniscule amount of damage to the carrier somehow, but this mission codes any damage as a failure?

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I am not sure. I didn't get any sort of indication it was a "hard" one (such as Jester asking me if the plane was still airworthy...). And like I said I was still able to fly the plane, as evidenced by throttling up and initiating a go-around.

Is there some function by which the carrier doesn't take damage from landing craft if certain conditions are met?

Regardless it doesn't matter too much as I think at that point in mission you have done all you can and experienced all the easter eggs/80s content right?



Just seeing your above reply - gotcha. Well, I guess I just need to reduce my sink rate even more!

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