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How to "LST" on AH-64D but from pilots seat?


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Well, it's not the proper LST function as this hasn't been implemented yet. Once it does get implemented, the true LST will only be available from the CPG seat.

However....the poor man's LST method will work from the back seat, same as front. Just WAS your MSLs and select SKR from the ACQ Source list. Once the missile picks up the laser code, you'll get the ACQ source cross jumping to it's location. It's pretty pointless from the back seat though as you have no way to act on the information, you can't lase, you can't store etc. You can fire MSL but with no range information etc, it's suboptimal. Best leave it to CPG.

This is far from a perfect solution to buddy lasing though and can be a mess with lots flipping backwards and forwards between SLAVE state, PRI, ALT codes etc. The sooner ED implement LST the better.

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