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[REL] DragonRR's Worn, High Resolution, Russian Airbase Textures. THE COMPLETE SET!


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I agree Poko the weathering was just too much at the lighter setting. Adjusted in the above screenshots.


So I either release the light version.. or the dark version.. or both (possibly). I'm really unsure myself.. Again comments please.

:) For me the textures are perfect now. Bring them in buddy. Can't rep you more (yet :D).

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Mirror: http://bluefire.dnsalias.com/~tats/files/Dragon's_Ancient_Airbase_Texture_Set_V3.0_MODMAN.rar


Server is in Sweden on a 100mbps line. It's not a commercial server though, so it might be intermittently out of order if no-one's home to fix it.

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Other mirror from France ;):)



Thanks Dragon, very great work :worthy::thumbup:


History of the Black Shark 1, 2

Le sort du Requin Noir: 1, 2, 3.


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D/Ling now... looks great, havn't tried the others but im sure it be good.

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Regarding Grass!


I started doing the airbase textures because the view on the ground using stock was blurry, low resolution textures.


I'm aware of the fact that many Russian airbases have a great deal of grass growing between the slabs and made several attempts at putting grass into the joints. I eventually settled on a "moss" effect showing in the joints. This is simply because although from the air I could get the grass to look ok, close to or on the ground it looked awful (imo).


To get grass to look ok we really need a new DCS graphics engine.

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Does this mod work in Flaming Cliffs?


EDIT: To answer myself, i tried it and it doesn't work properly as in this screenshot.




It's propably conflicting with the Enhanced Terrain mod by Ruggbutt. If anyone knows how to make it work, i would really appreciate it!


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