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Oh, Bremspropeller, you shouldn't have posted that article.  Now I want that "D".  😆  I know it would be a year, at least, after the "E"...if, IF they decided to do the "D" at all.  It just seems like once they do all that work for the A-7E, they are just that close to the "D" and have all that A-7 knowledge fresh in mind.  It's not like starting a whole new aircraft, it can't be.  The differences may be significant, I don't know, but release it as a separate module.  So, if they are like $69 each, have a $30 discount on the "D" (when/if it comes out) if you already own the "E"...or both for $108.  This is one aircraft where both versions were significant.  The F-4 Phantom II is another.  But HB says they will do at least a couple versions of the F-4, eventually.

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