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Will Speed and Angels work with 2.7

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The prospect of a proper training campaign has me very excited, but I’ve not upgraded to 2.8 (VR user) would this prevent me from buying/playing this (or any other) campaign?

Also, if you were to make a campaign of this kind for the Hornet I reckon you’d make a killing. Just a thought…

…come to think of it, if you wouldn’t mind just dedicating the rest of your life to making one for every module @Reflected that’d be great! Hehe only joking of course.

Thanks 🙂

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10 hours ago, Reflected said:

Hmm tough question…I think it won’t as Heatblur’s Jester command triggers came out in 2.8 AFAIK. 

Thanks @Reflected I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye…

As soon as the performance issues with 2.8 have been ironed out it I will buy it. I even bought the doc on Amazon in preparation. 

I read the Big Show again recently, what a book! It’s thanks to your campaign that I read it in the first place, so thank you. 👍🙂

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