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I'd just like to start off by saying: I want to lose AC electrical power if I don't switch my generators on shut down; right after my NR gets around 83-85%.
I need all the little things to be right like that. 
Also maneuvers like pinnacle landings, slope landings, roll on landings and "in-depth" damage to conduct emergency landings should be well thought out. 
Other accurate interactions, for example: the swivel switch for landing gear not being "locked" so the aircraft has no heading hold; also things like audible torque, check cautions and warnings.
I want every step of the start up sequence to be accurate. I want the PTUs, AFCS, the generator switches, fuel switches, hell I need to plug the battery in. 

One plus of using the Fox model over any other model is that it would be much more player friendly! No one wants to deal with those stinky analog indicators from the Delta and the Golf model has that big ole fuel probe and more "delicate" systems that would be harder to get right IMO. I believe that the Fox would be best for a game simulation. I have 100 more reasons if you'd want them. 

Paradrop operations, massive air assaults, resupplies, equipment moving(inside and sling loads from all 3 hooks)Different types of sling loads(center, tandem, aft and forward separately) 
I believe creating in-depth missions that you could fly with fleet of chinooks with your friends would be next level. Multi-Ship missions require planning and superior communication. 
One huge thing for hookers is planning. Whether it be maintenance or missions; getting intel in a field environment from S2 and then planning a mission and executing it with other players and aircraft is the dream. PVPVE
It would also be amazing to be able to some how also be a door gunner or co pilot with a friend.

CH-47F is the work horse of army aviation. Statistically.

These missions can be extraordinary! I'd love to give some vision and/or test this stuff out! 

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