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Cranky, crazy curmudeon craves campaign combat continuity comments

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In other words, although I understand the Campaign Builder interface, I don't quite understand how best to use it. It seems to me that persistence from mission to mission would be what really makes campaigns work best. Right now it seems that the missions in a campaign are relatively unrelated - the outcome of Mission 1 doesn't drive the situation for Mission 2.

So does anyone have suggestions about how to squeeze the most out of the Mission Builder? I know it's a wide-open topic, one that could easily take dozens of written pages or a few hours of video tutorials. I see small parts of the whole being addressed, like the nuts and bolts of using the interface or the little finishing touches that can add to the realism, but has anyone done much about the actual logic behind creating a campaign?

Thank ya'!


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The Campaign editor works on a linear "did you achieve the set goals or not" basis. Yes>proceed to mission 2, No> refly. It's what all the DLC is based on, so you could review those or some of the existing campaigns that come with modules to see some ideas.

To 'get the most out of the mission builder' you would generally not use the campaign builder and would use Lua scripting using the Simulator Scripting Engine which might be out of scope for you, I can't tell, but its not a mainstream activity.

There are some off the shelf scripts that have very little configuration that can extend your play. You might like to try a bit more like DSMC and leave your PC on to keep coming back, or servers. But for the vanilla ME the depth is not in the campaign builder, but in the extensibility of the scripting.



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