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Mk20 does not open at correct altitude when dropped by F-14 or A/V-8B


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I recently noticed that while the Mk-20 opens at 1500 feet AGL when released from the Hornet (which is correct per the manual included with the module), the Harrier and Tomcat exhibit slightly different behavior.

What seems to happen is that a Mk-20 released from a Harrier or Tomcat will open and release bomblets exactly 1.2 seconds after passing 1500 feet AGL. This tends to result in poor effects on target, especially when the canisters are dropped from high altitudes/steep angles.

See attached Tacview ACMI files for documentation.

Harrier_Rockeye.zip.acmi Hornet_Rockeye.zip.acmi Tomcat_Rockeye.zip.acmi

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