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Remove question message box after leaving editor to Fly misson


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Can you please remove the message box when leaving mission editor to Fly mission (not to exit it) by pressing green circle or selecting it from drop down menu (Flight/Fly mission)? If I want to save it, I will do it, now or later after returning back to mission editor.

In 99% of the time we have to select NO (mouse click or tab to No) since by default the YES is in focus (so Tab>Enter). Why having it? Its a complete waste of time. Please remove this dialog box.

ALSO, what follows next, there are 2 exactly the same Briefing windows, why not removing the 1st one? Where another click on Fly is needed (or Enter key). Those who use Editor a lot with surely agree with me on this one. nullnull



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To me, it's not so much that the message pops up (it is defensive programming, which IMHO is a good thing as it prevents us from doing a silly mistake, as you are potentially doing something destructive), it's the phrasing of the dialog, button text and defaulting that can be (i believe massively) improved. I suggest the following


Do you want to proceed without saving? All changes since your last save will be lost!

[Save]     [Discard Changes]    [Cancel (default)]


This removes ambiguity, does not require you to look up what "YES" or "NO" means (currently, "NO" actually means "Yes, proceed without changes saved" which is counter-intuitive and very, very unfortunate interface design), and the proposed change defaults to the least destructive option: cancel.

And yes, this means that you still have to click '"Save" each and every time that you leave the editor when you want to discard the 'change' that you moved the map. IMHO that's the better alternative, and a price I'm willing to pay to prevent me from doing something stupid (which I'm wont to do).

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Talking of strange / counter intuitive ME behaviour...

Load DCS


Select and load a mission from the list


Click on MISSION EDITOR again and BOOM - it loads an empty mission based on the last map used?  Why??  Why not present you with the missions list as before??


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