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AI Fired AT-11? Missiles and AI Spotting Through Tree's still OB 7.1.2021


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I know some work has been done in this area, but I took hits from behind 2 sets of dense tree lines   and also whilst masking behind the permiter wall at Akrotiri in a little training mission I setup, I know exactly where the enemy are so had planned to use the wall and trees to conceal myself, I have run this mission previously (last Open Beta version)  and not felt it was so bad maybe >?  I believe they were firing the AT11 Sniper ? from the BTR's ?

Track included 🙂

Ps this Apache is awesome. 🙂

ah64 missile.trk

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The all seeing eye of Ai . This is common. Even if you fly in clouds they still can see you. Hopefully 2.9 will fix a lot of things. 

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I'm a dot . Pico Nero 3 link VR . @ 4k

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