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Player Occupiable AI Aircraft Option.

Dauntless 7

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Perhaps there is already a method for doing this in DCs that I have yet to discover. If so forgive my ignorance of it.

However in building missions I have found that it would be a great help, if there was an option to make an AI aircraft, for which there is a player module, able to be occupied by a player / client. 

For example, if a mission maker puts in a mission a flight of 4 x F-16's, there would be an option box that could be checked on or off, that would allow player/clients to occupy the aircraft slot and fly the flights assigned mission, instead of it being an AI flight. 

However if no player occupied the slot, then the AI would fly the mission as designed. 

I have seen this feature used in other high quality simulations and it gives the mission maker much more flexibility in designing missions that can be flown by one player or several players. 

And it can be used to allow a player/client to fly the same mission from many different roles and in different aircraft, without creating a different version of the mission.

But it also allows the mission maker to exclude AI aircraft that the mission maker wants to be strictly AI flown from being occupied by a player/client.

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