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Engine induced force kicks shaking


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Whenever I'm revving up for takeoff the A/C shakes violently at certain moments. While testing for the infamous afterburner bug I noticed camera kicks. At that time I thought it's just a camera glitch, but it seems there's more to it after all.

If not for the in-flight occurrences I'd suspect a glitch in tire contact modeling but the spotlight is on the engines right now.


DCS version - ALL OB versions since december 2022

not map-specific


I'm going to post a track sometime later.

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Here's the video and associated track file. MTOW 80%



bug engine force kick 2023-09-18.7z


Same instance but external view. It seems that it's the G camera setting is overreacting. No such movements occur on the airframe.


One last video and track - G effects on camera disabled (head bobbing disabled). Note that even with the setting disabled there are instances the pilot is "shaken in the cockpit."


bug engine force kick 2023-09-18 headbob disabled.trk



Yeah, the case seems to be clear - here's what happens at engine RPM variations:

1. The in-game airframe actually jitters in a way impossible in real life.

2. Due to the huge accelerations the camera algorithm goes haywire.

Here's a magnified view:

YAW magnified

ROLL magnified https://youtu.be/H9ojQmatHRw


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