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End of Mission, guys, stop firing the guns!

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Okay, I know how to get the fire mission going using a trigger with a target point and all the nice howitzers making big booms - how do I make them stop?


I swear I'm going to magic beam some tanks on top of them to make them stop the hard way.


Hehe, untill the patch I don't think you can. There will be a new trigger "deactivate unit" which not only stops them, but they disappear.

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Well, it was solved a bit like in that Simpson's episode.


The Artillery is keyed by the player killing his display targets, so they fire, destroying some trucks, which spawns some bad guys with RPG's that destroy the battery, which in turn spawns a bunch of paratroopers to kill the guys with RPG's.


And that triggers fire trucks to come out of the town to try and keep the forest from burning down.


This mission has more moving parts than the Space Shuttle:


It's your typical dog-and-pony fire demonstration display for VIP's.


First you come popping over a ridge, flare, hover, spin for them, then move to a mark and blow up four vehicles.


Oooohhhh, says the Mayor and the assembled VIP's.


Then Artillery opens up, tearing up a stand of trees (and the nice fuel trucks hidden in there).


Aaaahhhh, the resort owner says, looking through BC glasses they've set up for them.


Targets "march" down the ridge, where four BMP's launch their missiles at once at the furthest ones.


The tanks join in on the next two sets.


And then, 300 meters off, the Infantry pop-up targets are engaged and it's mad crossing tracers for forty seconds.


All the while the player is on his mark in the hover "helping out."


End of mission, return to base.


And that's just the rehearsal. Interesting things happen on show day.


Oh, and one is getting instructions via radio the whole time. The player's Ops Officer warns the guy has a Georgian accent and to not be suprised. Of course it's a North American Georgian accent.


Timing for all the pop up targets past the artillery is done by a BTR-80 driving through triggers up the map and out of sight - and he's triggered by the destruction of the Artillery.

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priceless! can't wait. In my new one, you fly for the turks, and the paratroops run on to your target bridge once you take out the BMP2s which guard it, and you better get that bridge quick down cause a big ol column with a strela is roaring down the valley. Of course there's a big fat MI8T hovering right there as well. Thats just the left flank, if you live through that, you race up the next valley to deal with the right flank. I will have to get the live voice going soon too. Love the fuel trucks in the trees---I gotta try that!



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E8600 Asus P5E Radeon 4870x2 Corsair 4gb Velociraptor 300gb Neopower 650 NZXT Tempest Vista64 Samsung 30" 2560x1600

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I'm on mission 10 of 26, but four of them are mirrors of each other, depending on which way the player decides to go at the branch, and numer 11 (which I briefed above) is a re-run with the plan going slightly awry in execution.


The problem with sound files is that they take up a lot of disk space. I don't want the campaign to be a two gig download!

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