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Normandy 2.0 update - New airfields


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Hi fighters 🫡
Long time no see. All this time, the team worked hard and today we will show you something. 
You know that Normandy2.0 is significantly larger than Normandy1944 and the Channel map, and provides users with significantly more opportunities to implement scenarios of the World War II.
And the Ugra-Media team is happy to share the results of the development of the map, which allow you to realize the scenarios of the initial period of this war, including the Battle of Britain - the greatest battle in the sky of all times and nations.
In this update, we add 7 airfields that you know:
- Biggin Hill
- Manston
- Detling
- Lympne
- Abbeville Drucat
- Merville Calonne
- Saint-Omer Longuenesse - Wizernes
This will allow you to adapt your missions and campaigns and supplement them with completely new historical scenarios.
Now the distances have increased, build new routes, choose spare airfields and watch the fuel. 😉
We know your wishes for additional airfields on this territory. Stay tuned!
Look at the first results of the work that is in full swing.

Biggin Hill










Saint-Omer Wizernes









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Wow !

PS just updated, but are these items not released yet? Was looking for Manston and Biggin Hill f.e. and could not find them.

Manston location.jpg

It's on the Channel map however:

Manston on channel map.jpg

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very nice update! is there any chance we could also see RAF church stanton on this map at some point in the future? it'd be very nice to have more airfields covering the western parts of the map

el articulo 140 de la constitucion

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This looks great. Are there any plans to extend the map further north to include bases like RAF Grafton Underwood or RAF Framlingham, so we can have airfields where B-17 squadrons were based?

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  • ED Team
2 hours ago, Semaphore said:

I would sooner see Normandy 2.0 made complete along with the areas covered by the Channel map to make it one complete map than have Voice Chat…


Well not a single person working on the Normandy map, which is a 3rd party map, worked on Voice Chat. So that wouldn't have helped at all.

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2 hours ago, Semaphore said:

I would sooner see Normandy 2.0 made complete along with the areas covered by the Channel map to make it one complete map than have Voice Chat…


Some Remarks:

  1. Voice Chat has builded by ED sound / develop team (a team of DCS Core main develop teams).
  2. Maps require build on TDK (Terrain develop Kit) outside of any DCS core funtionality, by specialized map teams.
  3. Channel Map was build by one of ED map teams.
  4. Normandy 2.0 has build by Ugra Media 3rd party map team. Working independly on your own products, outside of any DCS world ED map teams, with your propper agenda, as other 3rd parties with map teams and build map products (Check Six Simulation, OnReTech, Orbx, RAZBAM, Ugra Media, etc).

Dont expect ED give Channel map to Ugra Media (Or viceversa), has some "rumors" about ED can expand Channel map.

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В 04.11.2023 в 21:59, jackd сказал:

...PS just updated, but are these items not released yet? Was looking for Manston and Biggin Hill f.e. and could not find them. ...



Pilots will be able to see these airfields on the Normandy 2.0 in one of the upcoming DCS updates.
You just need to be patient and wait for messages from ED.

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Will look forward to this update for Normandy 2 map. The inclusion of Manston will be great, its runway is so wide even I can land on it! 🤣

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Does anyone know what "Lamp" airfield is? Is this another name for Lympne or where/what is it? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Oh cool I see the post has been updated and it is indeed Lympne. That's awesome.

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Let's continue. The airfields are already on the map, today we will show several screenshots including Manston.  As always, we look forward to your feedback, thanks to you we are making the map better. Thanks for the information on antennas, it was very helpful. They are scheduled for the next update. 
Current updates are uploaded😉

The planes are waiting on the field. Fighters, prepare for takeoff!







Abbeville Drucat










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Abeville is well done.

On the other hand, hangars are missing in Manston, there are also no Blast pens like in Biggin Hill and Kenley and another RAF Airfields. There sould be some.

In general, the airfields on the Channel map are historically well done.Why not copy what has already been done on the Channel map ?

I notice that there are always too many control towers. This is historically incorrect!

You are doing a good job and adding these new airfields is a plus and I thank you very much!

However, why not use the blast pens already present on the airfields of the Channel map?

Perhaps you don't have the right to take back what is on a card that was made by ED?

I think it’s a pity ! It's my opinion.

I published quite a bit of informations on the Biggin Hill airfield in the Channel Map section, why not use it again??

If you want you can contact me by PM. I could give you some informations.

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Hi   Can you please have a look at the trains on the Normandy 2 map.

They are sunk down to their axles looks like the track height routes are too low ?

Maybe its easy or a big job to fix height on Map - however a simple fix is to duplicate the existing trains and set them higher in the 3d software then export the EDM files and rename with N2 in front of each item.

I cannot do this for the DCS EDM files as they cannot be imported into Blender.

I make my own DCS trains it works no problem its a simple fix to a very very bad look for the Simulator.

thanks steve


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