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Is it real that Su-25T autopilot modes are working in fighters too?

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From loooong time I use Su-25T autopilot modes in various LO fighters, always worried is it real or is it bug. I mean does example Su-33 have these autopilot modes ? In LO in fighter we can use well Su-25T autopilot and all is working...


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Well, in most russian fighters and bombers the CAY system ( Automatic Flight System ) are common, basically the same system with minor changes between versions of the CAY.


In the Su-27 the CAY has this modes ( maybe more )


1.- Auto stabilization. ( the famous panic button )

2.- Alttititude Hold. both barometric and radar

3.- Auto level ( horizontal plane )

4.- Autopilot in route mode.

5.- Autopilot in landing mode.


This modes are very similar to the CAY modes if the Su-25T, and the Mig-29.


This is why i think the russian airplanes share the same equipment like CAY, CYB, COC, with minor changes in the variant of this equipments.

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