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transferring puters

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sorry for the dumb question but hear goes,I have blackshark installed on xp 32,bought new puter-vista 64. Do I deactivate,then just install on new puter,reactivate or what. Or scince its a different puter,it uses up 1 of my activations and how do I do that ?

I,m sure this was asked before but I couldnt find it,all about upgrading components or reinstalling but not about simply switching puters.

Sorry again,just trying to get prepared for the headaches like redoing my dat file to pro.

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deactivate on your XP box reactivate using the reactivation code on your Vista box. Check out pages 18-> 25 in the quick start manual

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SOFTWARE: Microsoft Windows 11, VoiceAttack & VIACOM PRO

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