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Keybinds for switches with covers


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As we all know the F1 has quite a few switches with covers (master arm, AAR switch, selective jettison for example) and not everybody has buttonboxes with covered switches that would work as on the f1 so it would be cool if either covers will be automatically opened if u press the switch that it covers or more ideally a bind that combines both the cover open and switch actuation with 1 keybind.

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if I were Benevolent Dictator of Eagle Dynamics, every covered button be required to have binds for:

  • button cover open temporarily
  • button cover open indefinitely
  • button cover close
  • button cover toggle
  • button press
  • button open cover and press

(and 99% of players would only use the last one)

Could be an advisory note that "lift cover and" binds should always use a modifier key e.g. Ctrl+J to lift cover and jettison.

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Use sequence or chain event with your preferred joystick software. Sequence.. switch up the first time opens guard, up the second time flips switch. Down flips down guard which also flips down switch. Chain commands, flip the switch up the guard goes up, one second later the switch flips up. Throw your switch down, guard and Toggle switch go down. Easy peasy, all done with one switch.

Sempre Fortis

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51 minutes ago, _Hoss said:

Use sequence or chain event with your preferred joystick software.


I do .. using the Foxy software for my TM Cougar ... but regular switch covers don't bother me, I use it mostly for items like the Mig-21 landing gear interlock, or Gun safety locks.


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_Hoss, I do it, too. I use Joystick Gremlin a lot, I also use (a huge lot) my three Stream Decks with invaluable Charlie Tytler's DCS plugin and my handcrafted export scripts. All of these make lots of new tricks possible.

However, the request for toggle commands is not a fit of a spoiled brat, it's a normal thing to expect.

Folks, just look at A-4C Community Mod - how rich are its control commands! In most/many cases they are "functionally complete" - you get stateful commands and toggle/previous/next commands. There are also "else" commands, though these are no longer neccessary in DCS.
They even went to great lengths to implement all axes in two "flavours" - "absolute" (normal "direct" axis) and "slew" axis (to be driven with a minijoystick or a similar thing). That's wild, no one else does that! Hmm... but it's a community mod, not a paid product. Don't get me wrong - I'm loving F1, but control commands are currently limited below a typical level in DCS... which is, in my book, often insufficient, total hit or miss. And my point has been kindly proven by the A-4 team - i.e. that you CAN make a full list of functionally complete commands. If only you cared.
I'll go get my tea before I get too salty 🙂

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